Tif and Sion are the owners of, and designers behind, URiBE, a London-based fashion jewellery label. Before launching URiBE, Tif spent many years collaborating in accessories design at, among others, Lagerfeld’s Chanel, Maison Michel, Opening Ceremony’s Kenzo and Loewe, while Sion worked on branding, design and advertising concepts for clients such as Stella Artois, Nike, and BMW.

Tif’s Chilean-American and Sion’s Welsh roots, coupled with their extensive travels around the globe, have an obvious influence on both their stunning jewellery designs and their eclectic interior style. This cool couple now live in Stoke Newington and here kindly give us a window onto their world.

Describe your interior style in five words.
Eclectic, modern, graphic, cosy, us.

What’s your most lusted after interior item?
Mario Botta Seconda and Quinta chairs

Favourite piece in your own home and why?
Tif: Our Laurence Owen painting – Laurence is an old friend of Sion’s and I wanted to get something special for Sion for Christmas one year and Laurie had painted this series all summer while on a road trip through Europe with his fiancée. Every time we look at it we are more and more impressed with its many facets.

Sion: Our Prouvé Potence lamp – it is a beautiful functional design that has spanned decades, it’s timeless.

Confess to one guilty purchase you’ve made for your home.
We designed and produced our marble and steel frame table. It was less expensive to do than the Prouvé one we originally wanted, and so amazing to have something bespoke for the house.

What one thing would you buy for your home if money were no object?
We would make more bespoke marble furniture!

Where would be your dream place to live, in London or elsewhere?
Travel is a really big part of our life so we don’t imagine ever living in one place. Somewhere near the sea would be ideal though.

Favourite city and why?
London – it has a cultural diversity that no other capital can offer. There is no struggle with bureaucracy and things are simplified. As business owners we feel that London has been the smoothest place to run an international business. Rich in culture, the inspiration is also endless.

Favourite places to visit in London?
Tate Modern, White Cube Gallery, the Royal Academy, Two Columbia Road and Columbia Road flower market, the V&A museum, Serpentine Gallery. For food, Chiltern Firehouse and St John.

What are you aspirations for the next 12 months?
We have a fast-growing business that requires a lot of attention. Whilst we constantly work on improving, expanding and growing URiBE, we are also looking to diversify into more bespoke projects like furniture and fine jewellery. Along with travel as much as possible!

Which is your favourite Charlotte Frances London print design?
It’s hard to pick one! – we love Angus, Wanchai and Kew.

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